Here is a look at 11 unique borders between countries around the world. Holidayme is registered trademark of Traveazy DMCC (Dubai). More options include removing/coloring the borders, changing the background color or removing the legend. The South African nations of Zimbabwe and Zambia, the former regions of Rhodesia have a unique natural border between the two countries – The stunning Victoria Falls. Required fields are marked *. From north to south, the border stretches run along Alaska in the US and Yukon in Canada and from east to west, along 12 other US states and 7 Canadian provinces. On June 11th, the Government of Aruba announced the official reopening of the borders for international travel for different countries between June 15 and July 10, 2020. Angle Inlet. 7. Spain and Portugal … Between those dates, Aruba will open their borders for countries like: Canada, USA, and European and Caribbean nations. There’s nothing geographically unusual about the Wagah Border between Pakistan and India, but it’s the site of a unique border closing ritual. There is a line on the bridge that indicates that the left side belongs to Sweden and the right Norway. Top-10 Must Take Street Food Tours For Every Foodie, 5 magnificent hotels in Abu Dhabi with private pool. © Facebook Mount Everest The inspiring and towering Mount Everest, which is also considered one of the most dangerous places on the planet, forms the natural border between the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal and Tibet, China. Check them out. The Scandinavian countries of Norway and Sweden are separated by an artificial clearing of alpine forest. 1. The 495 mile-long Zimbabwe-Zambia border is on the southern parts of Zambia. It is decorated with fish. Book your tickets now! The majestic Falls, which draws millions of tourists for Canada and USA also serves as the natural border between Canada and USA. Have you ever wanted to be in two counties at the same time? A fence stretches across the border of the state Arizona and Mexico. The border between Haiti [left] and the Dominican Republic [right] leaves you with one question, where did all of the trees go? Countries in purple are those without a land border This is a list of countries and territories … I don't know What I AM but I AM WHAT I AM! Visit the Joint Security Area to understand this complex relationship. Everest separates Nepal and China. That’s US on the left and Mexico on the right. The summit of the great Mt. The border of India and Bangladesh which passes through the district of Cooch-Behar is included in one of the most unusual borders of the world. Separated from the Iberian peninsula by the Strait of Gibraltar, Ceuta lies on … Austria is equally endowed with land neighbours. What a stunningly beautiful... 2. A postcard from the world’s most bizarre border France. The library is divided by a diagonal line across the floor and separates the floor of the library into sovereign areas. South Korea and North Korea Border (Korean Demilitarized Zone) The border between Sweden and Norway is separated by The Svinesund Bridge, which is an arch bridge. In other cases data are from tourism accommodation establishments. What we have here is a unique triple border between Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil, separated by the Parana and Iguazu Rivers. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It separates the Swedish municipality of Strömstad from the Norwegian town of Halden. From north to south, the border stretches run along Alaska in the US and Yukon in Canada and from east to west, along 12 other US states and 7 Canadian provinces. One of the longest international borders, US-Canada border, stretches to around 5,500 miles. Vatican City – Italy ©... 3. Some countries, like Australia and the United States, have the size part down pat but either lack land borders to begin with or border other large countries and thus have very few unique points of contact with other areas. Between the Azerbaijan and Armenia border, there are a combined total of four exclaves or islands... 3. The longest continuous international border is the United States/Canadian border and is 5,525 miles long. When we think of international borders, the first thing that comes to most of us is barbed wires, high-level securities, right? Check out the unique international borders around the world! Although Germany existed as a loose polity of Germanic-speaking peoples for millennia, a united German nation in roughly its present form dates only to 1871. While this is the case with a few, many international borders are not only different but also incredibly cool. Other borders are delineated by natural markers like rivers, or by man-made markers, like … Haiti and the Dominican Republic Haiti, on the left, has limited deforestation laws, compared to the Dominican Republic on the right. Presidential candidates to governors of Southern States, all tends to make statements regarding the issue. Malaysia has common maritime boundaries with Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.Part of its maritime borders have been delimited through agreements with neighbouring countries. There is a saying that reads, “Grass is always greener on the other side.” Well, if you are from Haiti, this is quite literally true. Here are the most interesting and unique borders around the world. Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. So is all this border obscurity to Baarle-Nassau and Baarle-Hertog’s benefit? Each disputes what the Egypt-Sudan border is, with Sudan thinking it is the green line below, and Egypt thinking it is the red line below. How can we complete a list without the iconic Great Wall of China, which separates China and Mongolia! 2. United States and Canada One of the longest international borders, US-Canada border, stretches to around 5,500 miles. What if I were to say that some borders are, in fact, symbols of love, friendship, and beauty! The border has numerous unique natural and artificial features including the Victoria Falls which UNESCO designated as a world heritage site. 5 Reasons to Celebrate Your Eid Holidays in UAE. The Indo-Pak border, also called the Wagah border runs from the Line of Control (LoC), which separates the Indian-controlled Kashmir from Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. Borders can also be almost unnoticeable, with residents of separate countries living right next to each other. Modern Germany is a liberal democracy that has become ever more integrated with and central to a … This place is close to the Iguazu falls in Argentina and Brazil. The US side is residential while the Canadian side is touristy and commercial. On the southwestern side, Brazil borders (west to east) Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay. Your email address will not be published. to paint and depict countries/states that belong in two groups. For enchanting mountainous scenery and quaint villages, If you ask anyone to list the Indian destination they, Malaysia is a wonderful city that you’ll fall in, Thailand can be a traveller’s dream! A ceremony takes place every night, and the flags are lowered at the only road between the two countries. Interestingly, this makes Bir Tawil the only unclaimed landmass i… 1. Dare to Visit the World’s Most Dangerous Countries of 2016! The inspiring and towering Mount Everest, which is also considered one of the most dangerous places on the planet, forms the natural border between the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal and Tibet, China. Each day, two hours before sunset, Pakistan Rangers and the Indian Border Security Force conduct a dance-like drill … Test your knowledge on this geography quiz and compare your score to others. The Øresund Bridge connects Denmark and Sweden. 1. Combine, Malaysia is one of the top destinations on, top 5 destinations for the young and broke travelers, 11 Essential Tips to Travel to Himachal on a Budget, Top 10 Things to See and Do in Kuala Lumpur, Top 8 Attractions You Can’t Miss in Malaysia. Zambia has a total of 5,664 kilometers of land boundaries, sharing its borders with 8 African nations. Today, the Radcliffe line, which forms the clear boundary between India and Pakistan can be best admired at the Wagah border post. Egypt and Sudan have a particularly interesting border rivalry. Some borders are hostile while some of them are common heritage between the countries and are popular tourist attractions. The scars of Korean War are still evident and both the countries are in perpetual state of war. The clearing goes on for mile and are popular winter snow mobile destination for both the countries. This border can only be accessed only by foot and it is used as a research centre for high-elevation medicine. A big black line slices it down the middle, marking one of the most unusual international borders between countries. You may also consider visiting top 5 destinations for the young and broke travelers. The world is a segregated place, with strict borders between countries so that we know where is where. It cannot get any grander than this, can it? As it is visible from the picture, the border is actually a river, no, two rivers, Iguazu and Parana which converge at this point between the three countries . This border exists inside a building, and there is a German mailbox on one side and a police officer, and the other side has a Dutch mailbox and a Dutch police officer. Most of this border is demarcated iron pins on all streets for clarification. Running down the western border of Brazil are the countries of (north to south) Colombia and Peru. Can you name the only country that borders the countries given to you? One of the most unusual case of international border is the Haskell Library which lies right on the international border between Rock Island, in Quebec Canada and Derby Line, Vermont in the USA. Complex border municipality of Baarle-Nassau, Netherland and Baarle-Hertog, Belgium have amazing land enclaves and exclaves, resulting is a strange border between the two European countries. Note the implications of these border lines and where each of these land areas is: both countries claim they own Hala’ib, and neither country says it owns Bir Tawil. On the border of Italy and Switzerland sits The Margherita Hut on top of the Alps. To be or not to be, the eternal conflict! Some people across borders simply like to settle things over a round-table conference at the border. Illegal immigration of Mexicans are key debate issue is American politics. Nationalistic spirits soar high among the people lined-up on both sides. Hide any country/state you don't need on the map and take advantage of the Zoom feature to focus on a specific area. This photo below, courtesy of NPR, shows exactly that. The entire length of the border has a stripped of deforested land measuring 20 feet across. Brazil shares its northern border with (west to east) Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. Malaysia has agreements to delimit the continental shelf, territorial sea and other border delimitation agreements or treaties with Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore. The border is marked by the entry to St. Peter’s Square. The 10 Most Unusual International Borders 1. The spectacular backdrop of series of cascading falls are a major tourist attraction of South America and is the equivalent to Niagara Falls of North America and also forms the natural border between Brazil and Argentina. The river drawn boundary separates the countries who have widely varying deforestation laws, leaving Haiti with a near barren landscape and the DR with a much more enticing green oasis. Every year a festival is held at this border called ‘The Land Art Festival.’. Longest Border. Eight countries border mainland France, but if one factors in its overseas territories and departments, such as... Austria. This location is known as the “Triple Frontier”. There are borders expressed as painted lines that divide villages—the line between Belgium and the Netherlands even goes right through homes and cafés—and those that rise up … Your email address will not be published. These disputed borders lead to two “contested” areas of land: Bir Tawil, and Hala’ib Triangle. 5 Things To Do in Kuala Lumpur – The Ultimate Nightlife Guide, A ‘Mainhattan’ Vacation – 5 Hotels in Frankfurt worth Checking into, Step Back in Time by Visiting these Roman Landmarks of Barcelona, 9 Amazing Things To Do When You Visit Portland, Oregon, Video: The Silk Route – Magnificent views of Kyrgyzstan. The United States-Mexico border is the most frequently crossed border in the world and is close to 2,000 miles long. The Asian subcontinent neighbours of India and Pakistan are divided by an artificial line drawn on a map by a British diplomat Sir Cyril Radcliffe. The border between Poland and Ukraine is one of the cutest borders. The 38th parallel north divides the Korean Peninsula in to two countries – Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and Republic of Korea (South Korea). Environmental laws clearly distinguish Haiti and The Dominican Republic. Zambia is a small, land-locked country located in southern Africa. The post are generally named by the security forces of both the countries and are opened every evening in a special ceremony for brief period. Until the year 2000, there was no bridge which meant there was no land border at all, and it was entirely a maritime boundary. Haiti, on the left, has limited deforestation laws, compared to the Dominican Republic on the right. Some borders are artificially demarcated while others form the natural borders between the countries. Germany, country of north-central Europe. The bridge is also used by pedestrians, cars and trucks. On the borders between friendly nations, especially those in the European Union's Schengen zone, the separations seem almost non-existent, marked by no more than a line or a road sign. Peru is bordered by five countries, with a total land boundary of 4,636 miles (7,461 km), making it a great South American destination if you want to see more than one country. Namely, these are the Democratic Republic of the Congo for 1,930 kilometers, Angola for 1,110 kilometers, Malawi for 837 kilometers, Mozambiq… Country by Unique Borders Quiz Perhaps, the best place to understand the impact of USA-Mexico borders is the US State of California. A long continuous manmade wall and fence separate the Mexican city of Tijuana and US city of San Diego. River Zambezi is the fourth longest river in Africa which forms part of the Zimbabwe-Zambia boundary. #1 People from Arizona and Mexico are playing volleyball at the border. This border is about 2000 miles long. Covering a total area of around 752,615 square kilometers, the country is roughly equivalent to the size of the U.S. state of Texas. This border connects India and Bangladesh. Its shortest border is a 35km strip that links it with... Zambia. Spain/Morocco Border Ceuta is an 18.5 square kilometres (7.1 sq mi) autonomous city in Spain and an exclave located on the north coast of North Africa, surrounded by Morocco. Over the Sixaola River stands a single lane bridge that separates Costa Rica and Panama. 10 delicious, traditional sweets to try this Ramadan!
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